Insignia Art Collections
Metal Art
These Metal Artworks are great indoor wall decors for those who want a
3-dimensional art on their walls. Made of copper, brass, stainless steel,
iron, bronze, and other metals,these artworks are carefully crafted to
give the stunning effect of metal as a form of art. Give your wall a
make-over and try out these unconventional metal artworks.

Photo Canvas Print
Photo Canvas Prints is our answer to the budget conscious
customers who want great wall decors without having to buy
original and one-of-a-kind piece of artwork which commands
high prices.These are digitally printed images on canvas
with varieties of designs to choose from.
Tittot is a worldwide known brand for its exquisite crystal artworks in par with Lalique, Swarovski, Baccarat, etc.

Tittot is a phonetic translation of the Chinese term "Ti To!" Similar to western crystal, Tittot represents Chinese belief in the radiance of glass art reflecting clear perspective on life and the complex emotions of an individual.

Tittot's persistence in quality is evident in the entire creation process, starting with the careful selection of raw materials. Mr. Heinrich Wang states that, from the careful selection of raw materials and the creation process by which these raw materials are transformed into an art form with spirit and emotion, the most critical factors are film grasp of the crafting technique leading to the final stage of capturing and releasing the myriad light rays that is the signature of each piece of work. The thickness of each wine goblet, rippling muscles, freely flying birds and gently swaying flowers - all these are a result of Tittot's unique lost-wax casting technique that pays close attention to intricate details, an outcome that cannot be achieved by machinery.

Buffalo Bone Sculpture
This exquisite Buffalo Bone Sculpture has its origins from the outer most lands of Mongolia and shipped to Shanghai China for finishing touches. Each artwork is hand made and every detail is sculpted and painted by the nmost talented artisans. For collectors who love ivories, this is your perfect alternative.

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Bronze Sculpture
Not just your ordinary bronze sculptor, Singaporean based artist Mr. Zhao whose exquisite eye to details made his work famous worldwide. His signature bronze sculpture is famous for its realistic interpretation of fine lines and subtle curves of each of his subject.

Crystal Art
Not just your ordinary framed photo, this framed art photographs with crystal block is the newest form of wall decor and has been in demand in the market since it came out. For the clients need for modern and current designs, this particular concept will be best suited to your needs.

Our collection has designs varying from classical to modern framed mirrors at various sizes to suit all your interior design needs. All mirrors are beveled giving it a more crystal-like approach.
Oil Painting
Gathered from Asia.. gathered from up and coming artists, this oil painting collection is hand picked by Insignia designers and put in the market at reasonable prices. Unmatched quality at unmatched prices makes our collection unique from all the other oil painting galleries around.

A worlwide known brand for its unique interpretation of the Asian Cultural Arts, Artilize has been defining itself as a smart and modern player of transforming art to life. As the exclusive provider of oriental art, we play the leading role to create brand new art model with our fine art products.

Chinese Art


These Chinese Arts are oriental antique reproductions framed exquisitely to highlight the fine craftsmanship of the early empires and dynasties around Asia; only the finest materials are used to replicate the original pieces...


Trinket Boxes are decorative pieces of leather-bound containers that houses
varieties of objects from jewelries to chess pieces to different ornaments.
These products are from Hong Kong hence the traditional approach on the design
elements featured on it. It comes in variety of colors from the traditional red
to the exotic moroccan blue and fuchsia hues.

Great for indoor and outdoor display and has been famous for its garden applications, Sandstone Sculptures and Bas Reliefs are now the designers' favorite when it comes to its naturalist and monochromatic application. Designs range from flora and fauna to Hindu and Balinese-inspired interpretations.

Framed Prints

Japanese and Chinese Art


These exquisite Japanese figurines are made of porcelain and dressed in embroidered silk. Each face is carefully reproduced in the likeness of Japanese women and each kimono embroidered to capture the likeness of the original pieces worn by prestigious geishas.

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